We lost a dear friend and long-time PHSD piper - J. Gordon Titsworth in 2021. Gordon’s kindness, enthusiasm and helpful nature were always a bright spot at Piping Hot Summer Drummer. After Gordon’s passing, another good friend of Gordon, me and many of you (Karen Campbell from Vernon) wrote a beautiful 6/8 March - "J. Gordon Titsworth the Piper of Kokenee Pier." I have been told that the “Titsworth’s” and “Campbell's” would holiday together at beautiful Kootenay Lake here is British Columbia. Gordon would often get his pipes out and have a tune down near the water in the evenings. In classic Gordon style, he would ensure that Karen joined him with her pipes. I am sure they had a lot of fun doing that.

This year we are going to express our respect for Gordon and appreciation for Karen by making “J. Gordon Titsworth, The Piper of Kokenee Pier” the featured tune at Piping Hot Summer Drummer - 2022. I have typed the tune in Bagpipe Music Writer and recorded it on the pipes. Reid Maxwell has written excellent Snare, Bass & Tenor Scores. Those are all here and you are welcome to chip away at the music.

At PHSD, we will only be playing the 1st 2 parts as a group. Pipers - you are encouraged to learn the full tune because it is excellent.



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[bagpipe music and audio updated June 7]