Piping Hot Summer is very fortunate to have some limited scholarship funds that we are able to make available to current students. The PHSD scholarship fund exists because of the kind contributions from current and former Piping Hot Summer Drummer participants.

Funds are limited and we cannot possibly help every applicant. Please only apply if you really need the assistance and if it would make it possible for you to attend Piping Hot Summer Drummer. Please help us to ensure that these limited funds go to students with the greatest need.

To apply for scholarship assistance send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let us know your situation and how the funds are really needed.


Deadline for 2024 Scholarship Applications - April 30, 2024
Mrs. Winifred Hall Scholarship
I am an avid music lover, so to be making this donation for a music scholarship to Piping Hot Summer Drummer gives me great pleasure. I was also a teacher of the deaf and, in getting to know my students, I was thrilled to find music surprisingly integral to their well-being, and of course, for them Rhythm is a key. I too became more aware of the percussion section of the orchestra when I attended concerts.  This is a one-week scholarship available to a drummer.

Phillis and Martin Dow Memorial Scholarship
Phillis and Martin Dow Memorial Education Trust was established to provide funds so that none of their descendants need to go into debt to get an education. In addition, the trust supports certain non profit organizations, including The Pipers' Gathering, Upper Potomac Music Weekends, The Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts, and Càirdeas. We are now adding PHSD to that list. The intent is that some deserving person who might not otherwise be able to attend can do so. They need not be young or gifted, but ideally sincere and committed to their musical journey. This is a one-week scholarship available to any piper or drummer.
Rob Hansen Memorial Scholarship
In 2015 Portland Police Highland Guard Band suffered a tragic loss with the death of founding Drum Sergeant Robin Hansen. Rob was a decorated emergency 911 dispatcher and reserve deputy sheriff in Clackamas County Oregon. He was a devoted husband and dad. Rob had just retired from a most stressful career, soon to find out that he had pancreatic cancer.  Rob was a long-time drummer from a rock band to the passion of the Highland Guard bagpipe Band. "Drums nothing but drums" was a quote from him. This is a full one-week tuition scholarship available to any drummer. Preference given, but NOT limited to, the Portland Oregon Metro area applicants.

Wallace Lee Memorial Scholarship
Wallace Lee was the father of Terry, Jack, Maureen and Moira and grandfather to the many Lee grandchildren.  Wallace was not a piper himself but became involved and was extremely encouraging to all his children and grandchildren.  At one point, all the Lee children and grandchildren either piped, drummed or highland danced.  They all give credit to the encouragement and mentoring from Wallace Lee.  This is a one-week scholarship available to any young piper.

Willie McErlean Memorial Scholarship
William McErlean had a life-long passion for drumming and over 60 years of dedication to the pipe band scene and he loved the SFUPB!  He started as a wee one in Scotland in the 30s  Later in life he moved to the USA and played in several bands; pipe band as well as jazz.  During the 60’s he was the leading drummer of the City of San Francisco Pipe Band.  He later moved to Vancouver and settled with the Triumph Street Pipe Band as lead drummer.  He is well known for bringing the first band outside of the UK to win the Grade 1 World Drum Corps Championship in 1979. This one-week scholarship is for any drummer up to the age of 18 who is competing or wants to compete, understands the importance of practice and needs some financial assistance in order to attend.

Archie Patterson Memorial Scholarship
Archie Patterson was a career soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces who served in two wars (WWII and Korea). He marched many a mile to the tunes of military pipers. This is a one-week tuition scholarship for a piping student. The scholarship is provided by one of his sons.

J. Gordon Titsworth Memorial Scholarship
Gordon Titsworth was a very fine person, an excellent piper and a tremendous supporter of Piping Hot Summer Drummer for many years.  We sadly lost Gordon in 2021. His presence and infectious enthusiasm will be greatly missed by many of us. Several of Gordon’s family and friends have kindly provided this scholarship in Gordon’s name.  This is a full one-week scholarships available to a piper or drummer.

Western United States Pipe Band Association – Youth Education Council (YEC)
The YEC is kindly providing a total of FOUR scholarships to PHSD – 2024.  These are full tuition scholarships for the summer session of Piping Hot Summer Drummer – Two for Piping and TWO for Drumming.  Scholarships will be given out to individuals 18 years and younger who are determined eligible by the criteria being developed by the YEC.  

General Scholarship Fund
This fund exists because of the kind contributions of current and former Piping Hot Summer Drummer participants. These scholarships funds are available to any piper or drummer who wishes to attend to Piping Hot Summer Drummer. These are full or partial tuition-only scholarships.